Tips For The Beginner Kayak Fisherman

Yes, You Can Fish from a Kayak!

If you don’t like the idea of spending lots of money on a trolling boat or other boat designed for fishing, you can consider purchasing a kayak. Yes, kayaks are relatively cheaper than trolling or bass boats and can fit into more places on a lake, stream, pond, or river. They are versatile and are only limited to how far you can paddle and what fish you want to catch. You may not have thought about fishing from a kayak, but after these kayak fishing tips, you may just change your mind.

Kayak Fishing

Customize your kayak

When you look at a kayak, the last thing on your mind is customizing. It’s small, and you probably don’t think it can be, but with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can outfit your kayak with places for rods, tackle boxes, a cooler, and fishing nets. Yes, it is small, but its size means that everything you need will be within arm’s length which makes it convenient. Keep in mind there are two types of kayaks, fresh and salt water. If you’re planning on fishing in both types of water, I recommend getting a salt water kayak.

Know your fish.

Every water source hosts its own bevy of fish. When looking at a particular location to fish, look up what fish are native to that body of water. Take a topographical map of the body of water, if you’re fishing in fresh water. This will help you zero in on the fish you’re looking to catch. Another kayaking tip will be to gather fishing maps for oceans, if you’re going to fish in salt water. These maps are often seasonal, and unlike surf fishing, you can go out past the breakers and find the fish you’re looking to catch.

Transporting your kayak

You can take pool noodles and cut them down to fit around the kayak. You can then thread rope of bungie cords through them to strap it to your roof. Kayaks are pretty light in comparison to regular fishing boats. You can also buy a small dolly to tow it. Either way, you will have to store your gear in your vehicle for the trip.

How do fish from a kayak?

Now, we’re to the good stuff. There are fishing techniques you can employ when kayak fishing:

Paddle at the Ready

Keep the paddle handy in case you have to adjust your position in the water. Unlike trolling boats, you can’t just drop an anchor. Anchors are too heavy for kayaks. It would be good to get into the habit of having the rod in hand and the paddle in the other. This tip will help to keep your kayak where you want it.


No, I don’t mean as in street racing. With a little practice and light paddling, you can drift your kayak in order to find more fish. You are at an advantage here without a motor. You stand less of a risk of causing noises and scaring off the more skittish fish.

Go Upwind/Stream

This can be a little trying for fishing in a kayak when you have to paddle upstream. Look for matted grass or other plants in the water to aim for. This will help you stay stationary while casting your line.

Fish ahoy!

Spotting fish in a low kayak can be daunting when your sight fishing, but you are also at an angle that no other boater is at. The low plane on the kayak allows you look directly at the surface of the water. This means you can spot agitation better. Agitation of the water usually means schools of fish are going by or are in that area. This kayak fishing tip will have you a step ahead of other fishermen.

And in this corner…

It doesn’t matter the boat, you’re in for a fight when you catch a fish, and this kayak fishing tip is vital. Let the line out and always have drag on the line when you have a fish on your line. The fish will pull your kayak, but this is another advantage over trolling and other fishing boats. This means your line is less likely to break. Balancing your kayak can be tricky. Make sure you’re facing in the right direction when your prey bites. Otherwise, you’re going for a swim.

Don’t forget you can always look online in fishing forums to find others who fish in kayaks. They can give you even more tricks and tips for kayak fishing. They will know the best places to find fish, shore up your kayak, and they can even tell you how to properly outfit for your trip. Don’t forget these kayak fishing tips, your rods, reels, tackle, and bait. The fish are always biting, and now you can take the fight to them. Happy fishing!