How to hit a home run

Nothing feels better than to hit one out of the park as far as a baseball player is concerned. The sweet sound of the ball hitting the baseball bat makes everyone amazed. When it attracts heaps of praise from the crowd, that player eventually helps his side to win that game after hitting a home run. But when it comes to performing this feat on the field, it becomes too difficult to hit a home run on a consistent basis. As most players do not possess the right approach while lifting the bat, some just couldn’t muster enough courage to hit a home run.

hit a home run

So if you are looking to impress your mates on the baseball field, here are some useful tips to hit a home run.

Hit Hard

It’s as simple as that. Baseball or softball, both these games requires sheer power. Nobody could perform well in this game in the absence of enough muscle power. So apart from focusing on the basics, one thing which every player should keep in mind that a well-hit home run requires strength. You might have the best wood bats at your disposal, But without proper strength and technique, they are all worthless.

So talking about how to generate such strength, grip requires utmost attention. If you’re a right-handed player, your dominant hand should go on top of the grip. Hold the bat at its bottom end because this is the area which will help you in generating enough strength to hit the much-appraised hit.

Coming towards the height of the bat, one should hold it at a considerable height than that of his chest. It could be shoulder’s height, or even higher as a well-lifted ball is easy to rotate, thus helping the batter to fend off the upcoming ball with a greater velocity.

As far as the lower body is concerned, feet is the place which goes unnoticed by most of the players on the baseball field. When they put all their attention towards generating the strength, not many realize that the distance between both feet actually plays a huge role in hitting a home run. However, the legs should be placed at a comfortable distance so that the batter can have enough balance while striking the ball.

Keep most of your weight on the back foot because this is what professional players do while hitting a successful home run. While such a feat enables the batter to strike hard, it eventually helps them to shift their weight in a lesser time.

Never forget to keep your focus at the pitcher and the ball which is coming towards your way. Keep your head still without too much disturbance as a steady head will help you in keeping your eye on the ball. Even at the time of swinging the bat, keep the ball in your sight. Because if the ball remains in your sight all the time, it helps you in judging the length and the speed with which the pitcher throws it towards your way.

Keep the bat swinging, even after hitting the ball because follow through is equally important to all the things which a batter does before hitting the ball. When it helps the ball to reach a considerable distance, this momentum of your bat eventually helps you in hitting a home run.