A Buyer’s guide on How to Find Cheap Bikes

If you’re fed up of the haphazard traffic and are looking towards a more feasible solution to commuting, there is no better option than to buy bikes. While it saves a considerable amount of money at the start, a person hasn’t had to spend anything on its fuel. Bikes are a great way to keep one in shape. Additionally, it also saves an extensive time which users need to spend on the road.

However, thanks to the recent developers, this option is becoming pricier with every day passing. From their sleek shape to an expensive set of equipment, long gone are the days when bikes could be termed as a cheap form of vehicle.

How to Find Cheap Bikes

As a result, many people are looking for new ways with which they can purchase this vehicle while living on a budget. And when it comes to finding cheap bikes, a customer has to be extra critical. Even when it is a good way to save a considerable amount of money, there is no guarantee that the product will be off the same top notch as promised by its retailer. Especially on the deal which looks too good to be true, one has to take certain features into consideration before buying it from online or his nearest retailer.

Helping you in this regard, here is a buyer’s guide of how to find Best Fixed Gear Bikes from the plethora of faulty products in today’s market.

Wait for the Right Time

Just like any other product available in today’s market, there is a time when developers offer annual sales on bikes. This is the period when their new version is about to come out and a large number of bikes from the previous year are still in their stock. So they are forced to sell out the previous models in order to make room for the newer ones.

As per the specifics, fall is normally the weather in which bikes are available at a cut price from their original cost. At that time, not many customers are out there in search of a new product and with the arrival of a newer model, the burden is greatly enhanced on the shopkeepers.

So instead of buying this product in hot weather, when its prices are in full swing, it is recommended that a buyer should wait until fall for buying cheap bikes. However, if you’re in a hurry, have a look at the aforementioned options.

Second Hand

Even though there are certain kind of risks associated with the 2nd hand bike, but a user can also buy a perfect piece if he or she knows the basics of this vehicle. So if you’re interested in buying them, keep in mind the following features

Ask Questions

In the case of buying a bike from its previous owner, ask that person why are they selling this vehicle. Ask them did that product suffered any damage during its usage? After how long did they bother to service the bike? Don’t hesitate in asking such questions as it will help you in acquiring a crystal clear picture of that product.

Tires Condition

Then check the tires as this is the most common material to deteriorate after a rough usage. Don’t forget to ask whether it’s the same pair of tires which came originally with that product. And if they changed them, how long are they using this bike with those tires.

Gears Usage

Moving on, gears and brakes start lagging after being used for a certain interval of time. So have a go at them and press them.

Accidental Product

Lastly, have a look at the frame as in the case of any accident, it should have scratches on its body. And if there is a paint missing on a number of parts, avoid buying that particular bike. Because even if it’s available for a cut-price, something must be fishy with the internal components of that product.

Go Online

There are a number of websites offering great deals on bikes. But before buying from any of them, have a look at your personal characteristics. Starting from your height, a person should be well familiar with his physical condition when it comes to buying bikes from an online marketplace.

Since you cannot test the product physically, in this case, make sure that the available product fits well to your needs. Because once purchased, there is no assurance that the seller will offer any kind of guarantee in case of any damage.

Final Verdict

Buying Cheap Road Bikes can be a troublesome journey. When you can come across a dealer selling stolen products, chances are you’ll end up paying for a faulty piece of equipment. But after reading the aforementioned guide, you should be good enough to go out to the market and purchase a gently used bike in a good condition.